Bush Dog Platoon

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The Bush Dog Platoon (やぶいの小隊, Yabu Inu Shōtai) was Yuuji Kazami's squad while stationed in Afghanistan.


Also known as the "Unwanted Kids Platoon", this "special-orientations" platoon attached to the B Company of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit was made up of the "rejects".


  • Second Lieutenant Justin Mikemeyer, the platoon's leader and an "idiot who rebelled against his parents, tried to become a dentist, and somehow ended up as a military doctor instead".
  • Private First Class Daniel Bone, a "punk car thief".
  • Private First Class Milliela Stanfield, a "tramp who 'worked' in a bar bathroom".
  • Private First Class Robert Wolson, an "otaku narcissist who can't love anything that isn't two dimensional".
  • Private First Class Edward Walker, a "walking potato who's strong but brainless".
  • Private First Class Yuuji Kazami, a "cowardly sniper who can't kill people".


The platoon's name was thought up by Second Lieutenant Mikemeyer. Wanting his team to survive every battle, Mikemeyer decided that running from a losing battle was better than dying. But instead of running with their backs turned to the enemy, the squad would instead retreat backwards with "guns still pointing at the enemy", reminiscent of the bush dog.