Ryouji Kazami

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Ryouji Kazami
Gender Male
Occupation Art shop owner
Family Satoko Kazami (wife)
Kazuki Kazami (daughter)
Yuuji Kazami (son)
Voice Gou Fujii

Ryouji Kazami (風見亮二, Kazami Ryōji) was Yuuji and Kazuki Kazami's father.


Ryouji Kazami was the second son to a farmer in Chiba. Sometime before the birth of his children, Ryouji's parents had passed away. His father left him a large amount of land, which he ended up selling after being coaxed by a friend from his school days. After selling the land, Ryouji became a continued victim of swindling by his old "friend".

After amassing a large amount of debt, Ryouji got into a a fight with his older brother over the inheritance left to them by their father. This fight resulted in Ryouji receiving a one-time settlement of 4.2 million yen, on the agreement that he would never have any contact with his family again.

With the settlement, Ryouji opened a small antique art shop. This was only for appearances, however, as Ryouji would make most of his living off of shady, yet technically legal, deals with corrupt politicians.

Ryouji was brought to a night club by a a yakuza member, where he met the woman he would eventually marry, Satoko.


Ryouji is described in personnel files as petty, cowardly "but suffering from delusions of grandeur", arrogant to those below him and servile to those above.