Amane Suou

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Amane Suou
Gender Female
Aliases Ama-nee*
Birthday March 3rd
Height 169cm
Blood Type A
Occupation Student
Family Kotone Suou (mother)
Takashi Suou (father)
Fruit Cherry
Voice Hiroko Taguchi (PC, PSP, Anime;
credited as Sora Yukimi in the PC version)

Amane Suou (周防天音, Suō Amane) is a third-year student at Mihama Academy.


Amane is a tall, curvy girl with long reddish hair. When not wearing the school uniform she opts for bare-minimum coverage in clothing in an effort to further accentuate her figure, most notably her chest. She is described as having a generally upbeat expression, being either a smile in general or a sultry grin with occasional interludes of almost-motherly concern, specifically for Makina.

Amane in 2005

Six years before she met Yuuji, Amane wore her hair in two braids hanging in front of her, as well as twintails coming out the sides of her head. She was much shorter at the time, had a less developed bust, and wore large-framed glasses.


Amane is known by her classmates as the biggest slut. She is constantly making dirty jokes around Yuuji and is always trying to seduce him. She also has an older sister personality to most except for Makina who she treats like a daughter.


On the 14th of August 2005, at the age of 12, Amane was in a serious bus crash. While making a turn on a small road the bus driver lost control and went off the cliff. 14 people and a small Shih tzu were on the bus. Two died instantly after hitting the bottom, and one died 10 minutes after. There were only 11 survivors, with four of them wounded. Tamaki Hirooka had broken both of her legs, Saaya Kaneda had struck her head and suffered a laceration, Mifuyu Sakurai had a gash to her abdomen from a sharp object, and their advisor, Yoshihiko Ochi, was unconscious with no signs of walking. They landed in a long crevice. On one side was a heavily overgrown forest with no signs of animal or human life. The crevice was the site of a meteorite impact long ago. This caused the area to be highly metallic and magnetic, making the compasses useless. It is also revealed that it is here that she met Kazami Kazuki, Yuuji's older sister who is assumed dead from the start of the story.