Asako Kusakabe

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Asako Kusakabe
Gender Female
Aliases Master*
Birthday February 26th
Height 174cm
Blood Type O
Occupation Soldier
Voice Kei Mizusawa (PC, PSP, Anime;
credited as Rino Kawashima in the PC version)

Asako Kusakabe (日下部麻子, Kusakabe Asako) was Yuuji Kazami's former "master" and Ichigaya's original "Ace number 9029".




Asako has no memory or knowledge of her biological parents. When she was an infant, she was abandoned in front of a church, and was eventually adopted by a Japanese couple without any children of her own. The couple did eventually have their own child by the time Asako was six years old. Sometime shortly after, Asako's brother died of suffocation while they were home alone together. Asako's father blamed her mother, and her mother in turn blamed her. Not long after, Asako's adoptive parents filed for a divorce, and she was sent to an orphanage.