Chizuru Tachibana

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Chizuru Tachibana
Gender Female
Aliases Chizuchizu*
Birthday May 20th
Height 157cm
Blood Type O
Occupation Principal
Voice Natsumi Yanase (PC, PSP, Anime;
credited as Izumi Maki in the PC version)

Chizuru Tachibana (橘千鶴, Tachibana Chizuru) is the principal of Mihama Academy.




During Yuuji Kazami's time with the Bushdog Platoon, he saved Chizuru from being held hostage by a terrorist, shooting her captor in the hand and incapacitating him. After the incident, Chizuru introduced herself to Yuuji as a "school principal", and offered to grant him any request within her power as thanks. Yuuji said to her that he wanted to go to a normal school and live a normal student life, a request she would later grant by allowing him to transfer to Mihama Academy.

Since his transfer, Yuuji has used his shared past with Chizuru to get her to comply with a number of odd or hard to meet requests, from getting proper vaccinations for Nyanmel to ordering a private jet to the United States to pick him up from the Mihama grounds.