Edward Walker

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Edward Walker
Gender Male
Aliases Eddie
Buffalo Eddie
Occupation Marine
Voice Itsuki Akiyama (PC)
Satoshi Tsuruoka (PSP)

Edward Walker (エドワード・ウォーカー, Edowādo Wōkā) was one of Yuuji Kazami's "students" during his time as a "part-time instructor" in the United States Marine Corps, and a fellow member of the Bush Dog Platoon.


Eddie was the second son of a farm family. Sometime before joining the Marines, his father had died of an illness, and his mother had fallen into poor health trying to manage the farm alone. According to rumors, he had been shipped off to the Marines because he was costing his family too much money with his appetite. In actuality, he signed up of his own volition, hoping to help his family in some other way to make up for his "stupidity".

During his time in training, Eddie was known among the instructors as having remarkably terrible results in everything he did. Not only that, he never spent any of his military provided salary, instead obtaining what he needed through bartering away his supply of cigarettes, nor ever leaving the base on an off day. Instead, he sent the entirety of his salary to his mother to help her with the farm while away from home.