General Spareribs

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General Spareribs
Gender Male
Occupation Supervillain, TV star
Voice N/A

General Spareribs (カルビショグン, Karubi Shogun) is a fictional supervillain that appears on the "Tunafish Man" kids' television show.


General Spareribs is a bipedal bull with a scar over his right eye. He wears a red neckerchief and carries around an acoustic guitar.


In his backstory, "Young Spareribs", it's revealed that Spareribs was a college student on his school's American football team. He had a girlfriend named Urute, whose guitar-playing "kept [Spareribs'] heart at peace, no matter what challenges [he] faced". At some point, Urute was captured by a "Professor Momoteur", who gave Spareribs an ultimatum, forcing the young bull to choose between saving his girlfriend or the entire world. Urute urged Spareribs to choose the latter, thus sacrificing her.

Spareribs' backstory and possible status as an antihero is considered "controversial" among the Tunafish Man fanbase.