Justin Mikemeyer

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Justin Mikemeyer
Gender Male
Aliases Lieutenant J
Occupation Marine Lieutenant
Voice Sora Mizuki (PC, PSP)

Justin Mikemeyer (ジャスティン・マイクマイヤー, Jasutin Maikumaiyā) was the leader of the Bush Dog Platoon of the United States Marine Corps.


Justin calls himself an "idiot who rebelled against his parents". His family owned a well-known chain of steak restaurants, but a young Justin was unhappy with the "guaranteed future" his parents tried to give him. He wanted to be more than a "spectator, totally detached from the problems of anyone less fortunate than him". He originally wanted to become a dentist, but ended up serving as a military doctor in a team full of combat engineers.


During his time in the military, Justin came to hate his first name, disliking the root word "just" after coming to the realization that there is no justice on the battlefield. He prefers to call himself "J" because of this.