Makina Irisu

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Makina Irisu
Gender Female
Aliases Maki-chan*
Birthday January 13th
Height 144cm
Blood Type AB
Occupation Student
Family Kiyoka Irisu (mother)
Masataka Irisu (father)
Sarina Irisu (sister)
Fruit Strawberry
Voice Tomoe Tamiyasu (PC, PSP, Anime)

Makina Irisu (入巣蒔莱, Irisu Makina) is a first-year student at Mihama Academy.


Makina is a short girl with a fairly childish appearance for her age. She has light brown hair that she wears in pigtails tied up by a pair of blue ribbons. She has a fairly small chest (which she likes to puff out in an attempt to over-exaggerate its size), and she often wears a fairly wide-eyed child-like expression on her face. She also has a habit of wearing different colored socks on each leg.


Makina is extremely shy around anyone she has not gotten to know. She tries to avoid people so they don't grow to hate her. When she befriends someone she shows them her energetic, childish side. After getting to know Yuuji she becomes much more energetic and starts acting like a mini-drill sergeant. Her and Sachi start getting influenced by Yuuji's personality soon after he transfers in. Both start acting slutty and start using a cold drill sergeant attitude at times. She is also very impressionable as stated by all the other heroines throughout the story.


At a young age, Makina was considered a child prodigy. However, eight years before Yuuji Kazami transferred to Mihama Academy, she was the victim of a kidnapping when her father, Masataka Irisu, discovered instances of political corruption happening within their family. Makina was kidnapped and a ransom note was sent to Masataka. Masataka went to deliver the money, only to be shot to death right in front of Makina. Unfortunately for the Irisu main family, the kidnapping was left to the branch family. The branch family took the opportunity and left her there. She remained tied up next to her father's dead body for six days before being rescued. After her rescue, she was left in an uncommunicative state, taking her three years before she was even able to respond to basic yes or no questions, another two before she could put her thoughts into coherent words, and one more year before she was able to express normal human emotion again. The branch family made it seem like she was still in the hospital and sent her to Mihama academy in secret so she couldn't become the next heir, allowing her sister, Sarina Irisu, to take her place.