Michiru Matsushima

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Michiru Matsushima
Gender Female
Aliases Michiru-sama*
Birthday December 25th
Height 155cm
Blood Type O
Occupation Student
Fruit Lemon
Voice Kaori Mizuhashi (PC, PSP, Anime;
credited as Urara Hani in the PC version)

Michiru Matsushima (松嶋みちる, Matsushima Michiru) is a second-year student at Mihama Academy.


She always wears her trademark shark pouch where ever she goes. Her hair is also dyed blonde.


Michiru tries to be known as a tsundere, but she doesn't do so well at it. Yuuji was able to see right through this in less than a minute of talking to her. Michiru acts this way in order to get attention from others and make them laugh. She tries to help out whenever she can although she will pretend to refuse to keep up her tsundere image. She is possibly the most caring of the group as she will always do anything in her power to help out without letting others know.