Milliela Stanfield

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Milliela Stanfield
Gender Female
Aliases Millie Stan*
Occupation Marine
Voice Karin Azuma (PC)
Yukari Hirayama (PSP)

Milliela Stanfield (ミリエラ・スタンフィールド, Miriera Sutanfīrudo) was one of Yuuji Kazami's squadmates in the United States Marine Corps, and a fellow member of the Bush Dog Platoon.


Millie describes herself as an idiot. She calls herself "Millie Stan", as she cannot write her own name. She's constantly putting herself down in terms of intelligence and strength. Millie is proud, however, of her skill as a marksman, hitting 13 out of 15 shots on target in a competition during Marine training. When seeing Yuuji's apathy towards his own perfect score of 15, Millie becomes noticeably annoyed at his attitude towards something he's better at than her.