Robert Wolson

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Robert Wolson
Gender Male
Aliases Robbie
Immortal Robbie*
James "Jimmy" Okada*
Occupation Marine
Soba Shop Owner
Information Broker
Family Zoe Graham (wife)
Voice Imo (PC)
Kōhei Mitoma (PSP)

Robert Wolson (ロバート・ウォルソン, Robāto Woruson) was a member of Squad Three in Yuuji Kazami's training class for the United States Marine Corps, and a fellow member of the Bush Dog Platoon.


Robbie is a stereotypical otaku. He has no qualms about playing an eroge game on his computer without headphones while in the vicinity of other people. His own lack of shame led him to shouting the Japanese words "imouto banzai!" while playing one of his games during training. It was due to his squadmates mishearing what he said that earned him the nickname "Immortal Robbie".