Satoko Kazami

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Satoko Kazami
Gender Female
Family Ryouji Kazami (husband)
Kazuki Kazami (daughter)
Yuuji Kazami (son)
Voice Tomoe Tamiyasu

Satoko Kazami (風見聡子, Kazami Satoko) was Yuuji and Kazuki Kazami's mother.


Satoko Kazami's parents died in an accident when she was young. After their death, Satoko moved around from relative to relative until the age of eighteen, when she became largely independent and enrolled herself in a vocational fashion school.

Despite her newfound independence, Satoko had trouble paying for her tuition and living expenses, resulting in her eventually dropping out and becoming a hostess at a risqué night club. It was in this line of work she met her husband, Ryouji Kazami, when he was brought to her club by a yakuza member. Some time later, she became pregnant with their first child, quit her job as a hostess, and married Ryouji.


Satoko is described in personnel files as weak-willed with a tendency to grow dependent on others, but also as having a difficult time in trusting the affection by others.