Takizono Academy Bus Disaster

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The Takizono Academy Bus Disaster (滝園学園マイクロバス転落事故, Takizono Gakuen Maikurobasu Tenraku Jiko) was an event that happened on August 14th, 2005, at 11:52 A.M. The bus, full of members of the Takizono Academy Basketball Club and driven by the club's advisor Yoshihiko Ochi, was on the way back from a summer training camp on a back road when Ochi lost control of the bus and drove it off of a cliff. The bus hit the bottom and was thrown on its side. Tomoe Okabe and Youko Ozawa were killed instantly. Tsukasa Shikanai was killed from a head injury ten minutes later, moaning in pain the entire time. The others injured in the initial fall were Tamaki Hirooka, who broke both of her legs, Saaya Kaneda, who suffered a a laceration to the head, Mifuyu Sakurai, who received a gash to her abdomen from a sharp object, and Yoshihiko Ochi, who was knocked unconscious.

They had landed in a crevice next to a heavily overgrown forest with no signs of obvious animal life. It was believed to be the site of a meteorite impact long ago, leaving the area high metallic and magnetic, thus rendering nearby compasses useless. The area was out of range of cell phone service and cars rarely came by the road they drove on. The forest would take many days to go through and because of how overgrown it was a person could be easily lost and end up never finding their way back without a compass.

Shortly after the crash, Amane Suou woke up to find herself on top of Kazuki Kazami. After exiting the crashed bus, the two helped get everyone out. Kazuki made Amane her friend and ally quickly. Kazuki started asking odd questions to test Amane. Amane quickly became confused by her new friend, but knew she was safest around her.