Yumiko Sakaki

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Yumiko Sakaki
Gender Female
Aliases Yumi-chan*
Birthday November 10th
Height 163cm
Blood Type A
Occupation Student
Family Michiaki Sakaki (father)
Misako Sakaki (mother, deceased)
Fruit Grape
Voice Ryouko Tanaka (PC, PSP, Anime;
credited as Hikaru Isshiki in the PC version)

Yumiko Sakaki (榊由美子, Sakaki Yumiko) is a second-year student at Mihama Academy.



Makina comments multiple times on how Yumiko is a "classic Kuudere." She keeps up a high guard around everyone especially her own father. However, she does all she can to help or protect others from harm, and gets upset when she can't do anything. She hates scary things and secretly loves compliments.